Battlestar House

We ordered these cool posters for our dining room:


They were a super good deal, even with the awful shipping cost (nearly as much as the posters themselves!) and we’re super excited about them. The only thing is framing them! 17×22 is a common picture size, but apparently not a common frame size. I don’t want to spend $500 on framing for $60 pictures, that’s insane! So if anyone knows where I can get some cheap frames (with matting) that would be super awesome.

Next on the list is this awesome and giant print for the living room:

Finding a frame for this one should be a real lark!

Anyway, pretty cool, huh?

We also found these “Frak” and “So Say We All” mugs and we’re thinking of just replacing all our plain mugs with these lol. On a mug note, I still want to find a Stargate Command mug. They’re really cool. I always wondered… In the show, the characters would drink out of these mugs… But it was a top secret program, so where were they getting them?! Did they have their own mug printing facility for this specific purpose?


Eleven servings of grains a day

When I first started learning about nutrition, it blew my mind how much rubbish I was eating and what I was serving my family at meal times in the name of health. Though, frankly, I never did get my eleven servings of grains a day. Who the heck can get eleven servings of grains a day? Eleven? Seriously? Eleven?

Aside from the fact that it’s pretty much impossible to eat that many grains, the number itself just sounds so random. You know how a wormhole can only remain open for 38 minutes? You know where the writers got that from? 40 minutes just seemed like too much of a round number and it was less believable. It’s more sciencey this way. It kind of made me think that they pulled eleven out of thin air.