Battlestar House

We ordered these cool posters for our dining room:


They were a super good deal, even with the awful shipping cost (nearly as much as the posters themselves!) and we’re super excited about them. The only thing is framing them! 17×22 is a common picture size, but apparently not a common frame size. I don’t want to spend $500 on framing for $60 pictures, that’s insane! So if anyone knows where I can get some cheap frames (with matting) that would be super awesome.

Next on the list is this awesome and giant print for the living room:

Finding a frame for this one should be a real lark!

Anyway, pretty cool, huh?

We also found these “Frak” and “So Say We All” mugs and we’re thinking of just replacing all our plain mugs with these lol. On a mug note, I still want to find a Stargate Command mug. They’re really cool. I always wondered… In the show, the characters would drink out of these mugs… But it was a top secret program, so where were they getting them?! Did they have their own mug printing facility for this specific purpose?


Oh Battlestar, I LOVE YOU

So we finished Battlestar last night, and I’m pretty sure it has taken SG-1’s long held number 1 spot in my list of all time favorite TV series ever. I absolutely LOVED IT.


The ending. Oh. My. Gods. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Slightly ambiguous, a few doors left open for future events, but wrapped up nicely enough to leave me satisfied and content that the war is finally over.

The Dylan connection? Ever since I heard All Along The Watchtower on the show, I couldn’t wait for the end so I could find out what that’s all about. I still haven’t found anything conclusive. What does it mean?? Why this song? Whyyyyy? What’s going on?

Battlestar is the closest thing to sci-fi perfection I have ever seen, and here is where it shaved a few points from its perfect score.

The boxing episode
I kinda liked the idea behind it, but it was clunky, ugly and just poorly executed.
Billy dies
I can’t believe they killed Billy! And the whole hostage thing was just boring.
The Black Market episode
It was dull
The Irish lawyer/Lee as president fiasco
This episode wasn’t bad really, but this horrendous storyline totally ruined it. WHY did we have to spend 45 minutes pretending it was ever going to be anyone but Lee? And when the lawyer starts listing the good qualities… And then Lee’s name is on the board… It was excruciating. I keep leaving little notes with good qualities and Lee Adama circled in big letters around the house for my husband to find though.

But that’s it. Minor, minor details.

I can’t WAIT to watch it again. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to, but I know it will be just as fun the second time around, when we can focus on the details and pick things up we missed before.

Some fun trivia we found out… Allen from Two and A Half Men (gosh I hate this character soooo much!) was in the running to play Baltar! No offence to the actor, but I’m so glad that didn’t happen. Our Gaius was the perfect Gaius, and without the skills of James Callis, we never would have had the perfect lovable/hateable character that provided much needed and appreciated comic relief.

The whole cast was perfect, though I have to admit I never liked Callie. She was just so wooden. And smelled like cabbage apparently.

My favorite characters were Starbuck, the Admiral and Roslin.


I love you, Battlestar.

We’re going to check out Caprica next. I have to admit, I don’t have high hopes for it but it could be OK. I’m also going to look into Eureka because I hear lots of good things about it… And Game of Thrones. People seem to love it so why not. I think I saw an episode once and didn’t like it, and I’m more of a space opera fan, but it’s so acclaimed that there must be something to it.

On a final note, our prayers today are of course dedicated to Boston.

Hi WordPress! It’s been a while…

I haven’t blogged for like a week! SO what’s been going on?

Well, I did the spring clean, which was pretty sweet. It’s nice to be able to open all the windows again.

We had the first big thunderstorm of the year, and lightning struck a house! The strike was so powerful that it sent shockwaves through the neighboring houses, which is actually pretty cool.

I went shopping at the weekend and came back with nothing but a lipstick! If anyone could point me in the direction of a store that sells anything but skinny jeans it would be much appreciated.

Jays fans booed Dickey. Come on, guys, it was an ugly game, did you really need to make it uglier? Historically Dickey is a slow starter. Show some love.

This happened:

And I am so glad it did.

Margaret Thatcher died! RIP, Maggie.

We watched one of the worst Battlestar storylines to date.


Season three had some real losers – the whole “black market” thing… That one where Kathryn from Desperate Housewives took hostages… Season four has seen fewer filler episodes which I like… And this wasn’t really a filler episode, but the whole thing was just so horribly lame… The one where Lee becomes president. The whole run around with the Irish lawyer, it was unequivocally stupid. We knew what was going to happen from the moment Lee suggested Zarek wouldn’t make it as president. But noooo, we had to pretend like anyone else was even a contender for the job. When the lawyer starts listing the “good traits” they’d need in a president, it was laughable. On the bright side, the scenes with Baltar, Roslin and the hybrid were just excellent. Whenever Baltar comes on the screen you know something hilarious is going to happen. He’s such a great character, and the series really benefits from his comic relief. We love Baltar in that respect.

I saw Adama with his model boat again and decided I want to make one.

I got a bunch of reading done which was really nice (I really should do more of that) and that’s about it!

Hope you all had a good weekend, too!

Oh frak yes

I’m planning a trip to BC to check out the filming sites for SG-1, and it turns out Battlestar was filmed there too! I wanted to add some Battlestar sites to the itinerary and while I was looking around I came across this –

These two awesome chicks have already visited loads of the sites, then they compiled all the locations they found as well as tips on things like places to park and other useful travel tidbits. They rule.

Also, this:

SO true.