Pros of having a “crappy” job

I’ll be landing in Canada soon so it’s time for me to start job hunting! I decided to quit school in favor of getting married and moving to a new country (best thing I ever did) so without a degree and much previous work experience, plus three years of being unable to work or study by law, I’m going to have to take a “crappy” job.

After feeling sorry for myself for a few days, I decided to buck up and look on the bright side. To cheer myself up I wrote a list of good things about traditionally crappy jobs. I wasn’t going to post it because it was just to help myself feel better, but it really did cheer me up so I decided to share it. I guess that with a good attitude, any job can be enjoyable.

Pros of traditionally crappy jobs:
A pay check (yaaaay)
Regular breaks (union regulated so no excuses!)
A uniform (so you don’t ruin all your nice clothes)
You don’t have to make any difficult decisions
No unexpected late nights (my husband has a “proper” job and he’s done his share of not coming home until 5am)
You don’t have to eat lunch at your desk (because you probably don’t have one)
Nobody really expects much from you so you can go all Good Will Hunting and shock the crap out of everyone
You’re probably not going to be doing anything dangerous which is nice
Because you’re not as limited in options you can work anywhere you want so
You don’t need to take a job with a long commute and
You won’t have to relocate
If you’re on your feet you’ll burn a load of calories so you can eat more cake
You’re less likely to die of a stress related heart attack
The only place to go is up! (Cheesy but true)
Einstein worked in a patent office – maybe you’ll meet a super genius!
You can work in a place that has something to do with your hobby (music, books, whatever) which is pretty neat

Definitely made me feel better!

If I think of anything else I’ll update 🙂


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