Casino Not Wanted

Everything this guy said, plus the fact that casinos are grimy and horrible.


The Beginning       

A casino in Toronto? No, thank you, in my humble opinion, it’s something the city just doesn’t need – either now or in the future.  The debate, which has been ongoing for more than two years now, continues to occupy space in the media, and it seems that everyone has something to say about it.

Only 50 years ago, the very notion of a gambling facility in the city would have been inconceivable.  At that time, Toronto was still very much “the good”, a provincial town where on Sundays, department stores would draw their curtains and swings in public parks were dutifully tied up until Monday morning. Window shopping and children’s activities were was most definitely not tolerated on the Sabbath. Heaven forbid any establishment that attempted to serve alcohol – who knows what penalty that would have meant?! Needless to say, the city…

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