SL 5×5

So the StrongLifts inner circle opened for new members today, and I figured, why not?

I’ve been following the program for a few months, and while I’m not where a lot of the beginners are at, when I remember the fact that I couldn’t actually move a barbell a few months ago I realize that I’ve made some pretty nice progress. Especially as I’ve been quite inconsistent.

The pay wall keeps the spammers and trolls out which is nice, but it is a bit of a boy’s club. I have a feeling I might be the only active female member :/

I’ve already received great feedback and the guys seem nice, so I’m definitely going to stick around for a while and try to get a proper feel for the place. 

Hopefully the extra degree of accountability will get me into a place of better consistency with my workouts. The week off to let my back get over that silly DL session has become almost three weeks, so I could use the nudge.


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