Oh frak yes

I’m planning a trip to BC to check out the filming sites for SG-1, and it turns out Battlestar was filmed there too! I wanted to add some Battlestar sites to the itinerary and while I was looking around I came across this – http://www.battlestarlocations.com/

These two awesome chicks have already visited loads of the sites, then they compiled all the locations they found as well as tips on things like places to park and other useful travel tidbits. They rule.

Also, this:

SO true.


6 thoughts on “Oh frak yes

  1. This shows perfectly well how I got hooked up on Battlestar. I couldn’t function for a while until I finished all episodes… I was devastated when I was done watching them all… Thanks for posting this…

    • We just started season 4 so we’ll probably be done by the end of the week! Can’t stop watching! But I have to wonder… Will I be able to watch it again? I’ve watched all ten seasons of SG1 (plus the movies) countless times and they’re always just as fun. I’m not sure the same will hold true for BG so I want to make sure I really pay attention to every episode.

      • I am sure this will not be the end of your Battlestar days 🙂 My husband watched all episodes, movies, mini series three times and a second ago he said it was time for a rerun 🙂

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