Special Feature: Movie Armorer:Ryan Stacey

A movie armorer is a job I had no idea existed, but it does and it’s AWESOME! Ryan Stacey includes SG1 on his impressive resume so I am naturally a fan.

Urban Tactics Krav Maga

Ryan Stacey is a friend of mine who I served with in my previous Army reserve unit, the British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaughts Own). Ryan has one of the most unusual and interesting jobs in film industry. He works as an armourer for movies and film. iRobot, Underworld, X-men, Shooter, Stargate SG-1 and Supernatural are a few examples of the movies and T.V. series that Ryan has worked on. I recently had an opportunity to visit Ryan on the set of Steven Segal’s latest T.V. series True Justice and interviewed him about the exciting life of an armorer in the film industry.

Borhan: Can you briefly explain the difference between a gunsmith and an armorer ( weapons specialist, weapons coordinator or weapon master)?

Ryan: In a firearm film service company, a gun smith is usually the one who modifies the firearms for the film and…

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