Wife of target wants Border Security cancelled

As an immigrant to Canada, this post definitely caught my eye. We don’t have cable and I’d never even heard of the show, but decided to check out an episode. The only problem I can see with the show is that it’s rather tacky, but isn’t that the very nature of reality programming? It seems like a lot of fuss about nothing. Follow the rules, do what you’re told and you’re going to be just fine at the border 🙂


Deportation should not be a form of entertainment — at least according to those who have signed a petition aimed at the cancellation of a show on the National Geographic Channel.

Border Security: Canada’s Front Line has been the subject of growing controversy for filming the raids against illegal immigrants and then airing them as part of a reality show.

Word that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews personally signed off on the production of the show — after Canadian Border Services Agency agents were accompanied by cameras during a bust — accelerated the backlash against the program.

The details became public when Helisia Luke of Vancouver learned from a Freedom of Information Request on Friday that people who were detained after an immigration raid on a local construction site were asked to sign consent forms for their appearance on the show.

Luke publicly posted the contract between the Canadian Border…

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