John Dies At The End is sinister cinima

I’ll finally get to see it! I’m not a horror fan, but I am a huge David Wong fan.

“So I hear the Raven Banner guys are going to do something different,” says Don Coscarelli, and he knows all about different. He’s the director of such offbeat horror films as Bubba Ho-Tep, the story of how Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy are alive and living in an old folk’s home that is being menaced by a re-animated Egyptian mummy. It’s a classic.

Coscarelli’s new movie, John Dies At The End, has its own charms: two college-age slackers ingest a strange street drug called Soy Sauce that allows them to drift into parallel worlds, filled with giant spiders and gruesome insects out of the David Cronenberg slime factory. There’s a man with a flying moustache, a monster made of meat from the freezer, and a door that cannot be opened because its handle has been transformed into a large penis.

It is totally demented, enough so that Coscarelli can…

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