Even if you can’t do the math this is still definitely worth a read.

Beyond the Standard Model Pub

In the last 10 years evidence piled up that the largest part of the Universe is not made by ordinary (baryonic) matter. Atoms and neutrinos account to about 5%, while the remaining fraction is partly due to another form of mass that does not interact electromagnetically, called Dark Matter (25%). There are indications that it is made by a yet-to-be-discovered non baryonic species that does not interact electromagnetically, generally known as weakly-interactive massive particles (WIMPs).
The remaining part is explained by the vacuum energy, called Dark Energy, that adds up to about 70%.

In this post we will explore that main reasons behind the Dark Matter hypothesis. We will simulate a typical galaxy cluster with the help of Processing and the Traer Physics library. You can download the PDE from my google drive space (remember to install the library first!). For another application, take a look at my previous post…

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