The shrimp curry looks nice and simple, will try that. Also, am I the only person not put off by the pink sludge? I LOVE chicken nuggets!


After failing to stomach the dinner from day #1 (see the recipe previously posted if you’re so inclined to give it a shot), I woke up starving but feeling guilty about having eaten chicken nuggets. And let’s be honest, I’ve seen that post about what they do to make those things (you know what I’m talking about!)

Anyway, I woke up determined to do better on day #2. The meals were much better, which made it easier. I finished all of the food, and didn’t have any taste issues (though this may have been due to being hungry from not finishing all my food yesterday!). My only complaint is that I don’t like that the entire day was seafood. Next week I’m going to mix up a few days so that I’m getting variety and a more consistent and spread out dose of those good Omega-3 fatty acids.

Meal timing…

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