Arencibia gets to work on solving Dickey’s magic pitch

We’re gonna have a good year, I can feel it.

MIAMI — Left. No, right. Right. No, left. Left and down. Right and up. Left, up, right, down. Whoa there, buddy. Careful, now.

Every time it is different, and every time J.P. Arencibia is trying not to get hurt. He is playing catch with R.A. Dickey in left field of an empty Marlins Park, which is like playing catch with an illusionist who keeps showing you new tricks. One knuckleball veers way right, and Arencibia stabs it like he’s snagging a passing bullet while stepping back from it. The guys next to him take a step back, too.

“I mean, more than anything, it’s just hard,” Arencibia said later, leaning on the dugout railing. “You’re dodging. I’m not like that when I’m catching with gear on, and I’m not like that squatting down. But standing up, more than anything, you’re trying to protect your future family, and you’re trying to…

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