Bought my tickets for the tour the day they came out, having my first listen to the album today. Loving it.

StevoMusicMan - Ramblings Of A Music Man

I discovered Ludovico Einaudi by chance whilst listening to the in-flight music flying to America back in 2007. The tape didn’t say who the particular track was by or its title. Once back in the UK, I emailed the airline who provided me with the relevant information, the track being ‘Divenire‘. Within a couple of weeks I had collected his whole released collection. I have since seen him play live in concert and you’ve heard many of his tracks being used by television companies around the world.

This new release, ‘In A Time Lapse‘, certainly maintains his high standards set by previous works. To support it there’s a full-scale UK tour too, which I am hoping to catch. ‘Corale‘ slowly enters the fray, a string driven piece that wets your appetite. This is soon followed by the title track ‘Time Lapse‘ and…

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