History in the Making


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Did you know that today history will be made?  High above,  for the very first time ever, a Canadian is poised to take over command of the International Space Station.

Commander Chris Hadfield will have the keys handed to him of the approximately 990,000 lb station this afternoon at 5:10pm ET.  The only other space station commander who wasn’t American or Russian was Frank De Winne of Belgium in 2009.

I’ve really enjoyed following Commander Hadfield on Twitter since he tweeted a picture of my city from the ISS.  He tweets so many pictures and often will tweet videos of himself explaining how things work in space.  It’s been so educational and I’m excited for him today.  

Below I’ll include some of my favourite images that the Commander has tweeted!  If you want to get to Commander Hadfield’s Twitter page, just click his picture above.  There you can browse all…

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