February 1, 2013: Stargate Prop Builder Mark Nicholson Answers Your Questions!

Joseph Mallozzi not only has a blog, he writes about loads of things and it’s really interesting! It’s like all my Stargate dreams are coming true today.

Josephmallozzi's Weblog


The hard work and contributions of so many individual went into making one of the greatest SF franchises in television history.  Over the course of this blog’s run, I’ve invited various members of the extended Stargate family to talk about their experiences on the show(s).  We’ve spotlighted writers, producers, directors, actors, stunt coordinators, VFX and FX supervisors, and many more.

Today, we turn the spotlight to Mark Nicholson, a longtime prop builder for (and, it turns out, fan of) Stargate.  Mark has kindly taken the time to field your question – AND offer up some visual aids!

Take it away, Mark…

Patricia Stewart-Bertrand writes: “As for a question for Mark Nicholson – my question: I’d like to know if you needed any special education or training to get into your current field. Did you want to work in the entertainment industry so looked for a job you could do and…

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